... and the story of OASIS-SVN

The story of DEV2DEV and OASIS-SVN started in the second half of 2002 during a rather large Access-Project.
In order to enable teamwork for the - at this time - four developers, we set the objects and sourcecode under source-control with VSS (Visual-Source-Safe).

This succeeded more or less, because at regular intervals the objects and sources were damaged or even completely destroyed by VSS, so that the complete project has to be reconstructed from backups. So an alternative had to be found.

As there have been very good experiences with SVN (Subversion) from a Delphi project, SVN was chosen as a new system for source code control and a first client solutionhas been developed using Access and VBA. However, the performance was not as good as requested, so the approach with Access and VBA was discarded and the entire system was redesigned with Delphi to integrate it as a COM-Add-In into Access. From these beginnings, OASIS-SVN has evolved over the past 15 years to what it is today: A complete Add-In to support almost any source code control system.



  Bernd Gilles
  Softwarearchitect und -developer

contact us

DEV2DEV Softwareentwicklung
Virmondstr. 88
47877 Willich-Neersen
+49 2156 494 607
+49 2156 494 608
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