Frequently Asked Questions

Dear users and customers in Russia and Belarus
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Also we will not offer any support or technical assistance for the affected countries.
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OASIS 'disappeared'

Access is really sensible when handling with COM-Add-Ins. But even with a very good exception-handling, not all errors are catchable.
  1. Check if OASIS has been disabled in the Access options.
    In many cases, OASIS can simply be re-activated here.
  2. If 1. does not help, you can re-activate OASIS with editing the Windows registry.
    In the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Access\AddIns\oasis_svn.OASIS the value for LoadBehavior' hast to be '3'.

Exported files containing special chars or unexpected content

From time to time, files exported from OASIS may contain special Unicode characters that prevent successful import. Also, in rare cases, files may contain content that was not actually expected. For example, exported queries sometimes include fields that were not actually queried in SQL.

First check whether this behavior also occurs if the object (form, report, query, module) was exported using the undocumented function 'SaveAsText'.

If an object is correctly exported via 'SaveAsText' but not by OASIS, settings for 'Sanitizing' could play a role. Turn off any kind of file cleaning (Sanizize, NoSaveCTI, Compatibility mode, UTF-8)

False positive: Project protected by password

For some unknown reason, Access reports the current project is password protected when exporting a module - although it is definitely not.

Did you use one of the integrated wizards (e.g. form wizard)?
Open the VB-Editor and choose your current database as active project in the project-explorer.

Users report that the following steps eliminate this error:

  • Open the property page of the current project in the VB Editor
  • On the 'Protection' page, place the cursor in the 'Password' field
  • Do not enter anything into the field and close the dialog with 'OK'

If necessary, check whether modules can be exported without errors using the undocumented function 'SaveAsText'.

Detailed error informations

To retrieve detailed error informations, OASIS is writing a lot of additional information into the internal Windows debug log.

To read (and if needed send) this log, follow this steps:

  • Get a copy of 'DebugView' from Microsoft's SysInternals.
  • Start DebugView
  • Now, start Access, open your database and execute all the steps needed to reproduce the error.

You can save the debug log and send it by mail. It's extremely helpful!
You may also have a look into the current project's settings file. You will find this file as databasename.oasis in the directory of your current database.

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